To enable us to complete our expedition by heading north (Newfoundland, Greenland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, England, Belgium) and collect unique samples of microplastic, while taking on the challenge of navigating these difficult waters, we need financial help!

For all donations of 15€ or more, we will send you a private link to watch our film about the first 15 months of the SEA THE PLASTIC expedition! Escape, adventure, sun, storm and breathtaking landscapes are guaranteed during 57min !

 Go to our fundraising page to support us and enjoy our film:



Your donation will allow us to install a radar on our sailboat to navigate safely between the icebergs and to equip ourselves for the cold. And we promise you a second film that will retrace the crazy adventures we have yet to experience! Every little counts, thank you in advance for your support! Without you, we wouldn’t be able to do it!


Want to become one of our main partners? Contact us to determine together how best to represent your donation, through our film, articles, a flock on the sail… or conferences in your company!


    Below are a few more ways you can support our expedition — and they don’t cost a penny!

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    • Share! – If you really like what we’re doing, share it! Do you have a coworker who daydreams about sailing away? A relative who loves the water and cares about the futur of our oceans? A grandmother that need a good reason to stop buying single-used plastic? Sharing our content is one of the best ways to support us and to raise awareness to as much people as possible.
    • Comment – Say hello, ask a question, tell us a story. We love hearing from everyone! It’s so great to hear words of encouragement, an awesome sailing story, or to hear how you changed your habits about plastic pollution ! The internet can be a harsh place, your comments brighten our day!
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    You’re part of the crew!

    Finally, THANK YOU ! It wouldn’t be the same expedition without your help. We put all our savings into this project, but without you we wouldn’t have been able to leave!

    Since the beginning of the expedition, it is a real pleasure to share our adventure with you on social media and to get so much positive feedback. Knowing that we have your support is so important to us.

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